The Blue Rose & The Shoshanayin
             the following informatlion is written by Rosaline Temple                    

Flowers have long been associated with enlightenment, and as the ancient Egyptians taught about the "Blue Lotus Retreat" - the Esssene tribe taught about "Blue Rose" healing. It is believed that both Mother Mary and Mari Magdalene were members of the Essenes, and that Mari Magdalene called her teachings "The Blue Rose".  The teaching is to have originated from Venus, and was brought to the earth by Mother Mary. Wherever the Essenes lived,  people referred to them as “Healers”.  The word ‘Essene’ stems from the Aramaic word ‘Assaya’, which means ‘Healer’.  The Essenes were called ‘Therapeutae’, when they were in Egypt,  and that is where the word ‘Therapist’ originates from.  This form of healing is associated with Love and Compassion. You may have a dream or a vision of a rose, and the color may tell you which order you belong to, or which Rose you need to learn more about! The  Order of the Blue Rose was considered to be a special order for only the most faithful followers of those that followed the path known as The Essene Way.  The Essenes believed that the Christ Ray is carried in both the feminine and masculine, therefore Mari Magdalene was considered to be the feminine Christ.  The Essenes also believed in receiving direct knowledge from God.  They achieved this through  what is known as  "The Sacred Marriage".  It  is  the marriage of the male and female within. 

After the crucifixion, many of Jesus’ followers wouldn't accept a woman as their leader.   Therefore Mari Magdalene, while still in Israel, established  her own teaching, and called it The Order of the Blue Rose, which was for those who remained faithful to her.   

She later fled to Egypt, and then by boat to France carrying the baby known as Sarah.  She lived in the south of France, where she would meditate in a cave each day, where she would  ascend with the angels.   Eventually her "Order: came to be known as "The Order of the Magdalene".  

The word Shoshana is sometimes translated as lily, but is also asssociated with the rose, and flowers in general.  According to the Midrash, the word stems from "shesh" which means six, representing six petals.  But there is some contraversey once again, as some say the six petals represent the outer ones, but that a shoshana truly has thirteen.  The latter makes sense to me, as this is the number that represents "Love" and is the number of the Goddess, who is rgenerally represented by the rose. 

The Blue Rose represents "a Loyal Friend" and it is believed that Christ (Yeshewah) gave Mari Magdalene a Blue Rose to wear in her hair, the day before he was crucified.  This is also believed to be the same evening that  Sarah was conceived. 

Many of the Brothers and Sisters of the Light feel attuned to the Rose Ray and to using the vibrational healing of the Blue Rose during healing sessions.The White Rose represents the Divine Feminine, while the counterpart, the Ruby Ray, is associated with the Divine Mascuilne.   When you mix the two rays you create The Rose Ray, a combination of the two roses.   

Shoshanayin, is Hebrew for "The Eye of the Rose".  Ayin in Hebrew means Eye.  The eyes of all look to you with hope, and you provide them with their food in its proper time." (Psalm 145:14)

Eyes are our conduit to perceiving the wonders of G-d’s creation, and giving us insight into its workings. Additionally it refers to the “Eye of G-d” which sees all as he/she cares for his Chosen People. The term "Shoshanayin" means that you, as one of God's Chosen People, as a sister or brother of the Rose, are under the watch of the Divine Feminine, who provides us with gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and healing.   

Namaste, Rosaline

Rosaline Temple lives in beautiful British Columbia.   She is dedicated to learning and teaching ancient mystical healing.  As an "Artist of the LIght" her focus is on the healing arts, and spiritual artwork,  specialising in"essence portraits".  For information on artwork.  For courses inRose Reiki, or to be initiated into the Sisterhood through  The Universal Flower Language, The Sisterhood of the Rose,  and the Order of the White Rose, or Twin Flame Workshops,  please call Rosaline at (250) 838-0018.

The following article is written by Suzie Addicks. 

The Order of the Blue rose is an ancient Order of Healers and was established on Planet Venus of the Great Central Sun under the direction of Melchizadek.  The name Blue rose comes from the beautiful blue roses that grow on Planet Venus.  Our Cosmic Mothr Mary was initiated into the Order by Melchizadek.  

A few years ago, Mother Mary brought back the Order to Earth and has initiated many here, through Rev. Cathy Acker. The mission of the Blue Rose Healers is to become clear channels for the Healing, Divine Light from Father/Mother God and to hold the highest intentions for all concerned.

Mother Mary asked that part of the Christ Matrix work be dedicated to healing activities under the name of the Blue Rose Foundation. 

Suzie Addicks took the lead and started the Melchizedek Order of the Blue Rose Healing Circle. The Circle is a group of light workers who meet to share their light, love, and support for each other. The group is well grounded to the Cosmic Mother, Mother Mary, the Cosmic Christ, Lord Sananda and the Christ Matrix; we also have a strong connection with Helios and Vesta in the Great Central Sun and the Great White Brotherhood. 

When the group meets, they begin with a meditation, centering and clearing of auras. Then they discuss any issues that the group has and what the focus is for the gathering. They work with the Violet Flame and hands on healing. Several members are also Reiki healers. Many of the group activities are teleconferenced.You may also contact Suzie for information about her FREE teleconference classes. Suzie Addicks is an artist and metaphysical teacher, who lives in Texas, USA.  

The following article is written by Reverand Ron Mitchell Jr. 

Blue is healing and such is the Blue Rose of legend.  

It is said that Christ gave Mary Magdalene a single Blue Rose the night before he was taken into custody. He gave it as a symbol of his undying love and of his promise of comfort...  It is also "Speculated" of legend, that it was upon this night that Mary conceived "Sarah", the daughter of Christ and Mary! The Blue Rose of Magdalene is the symbol of healing.

Right now, for me, that represents the healing and understanding of myself within the "unity" of spirit. Is this not the truth or part of the truth of Hieros Gamos?  

Is it not the Maiden that comes to me in dreams as my lover, protector, advisor?   Is it not the cool breeze on my neck, the whisper in my ear or the warm embrace I feel whithin my heart when I am alone with nothing but my thoughts?

From a very early age, I was always enthralled by the Snow White, Cinderella, Arthurian Stories" etc.  Joseph Campbell would call it the "Hero's Quest"...

 I used to make believe that the princesses were my "imaginary girlfriends" Perhaps not so imaginary after all!  However, it wasn't until around 2003 that I heard the voice of an owl perched in a tree outside my bedroom window. The owl, a symbol of feminine wisdom... The Greek Pantheon would point to Athena... The Goddess of Love.  It was from there that I started my true journey that has seemingly come to where I am now.  

It was my ordaining Bishop that turned me on to Margaret Starbird and my devotion to the Divine Feminine started to take root... 

She comes to me in many forms. She sometime comes to me as a lover that I have never seen before, yet in my dreams I know her. Other times she has come as an armored angel... In meditation she come to me as a whisper in my ear, a cool chill on my neck or a warm embrace.

As a coach that specializes in coaching girls, she shows herself as the face of a "team" and the female sense of friendship and community. "Women" see their connection to each other or others as being far more important than the winning of a game. Their sense of community and preserving that community is all that matters most.

What has drawn me to the divine feminine? For so long, I have been incomplete... For all intent and purpose, it is as simple as that as it is as complicated...  

I think of all my relationships, complicated as they may have been, and the simplicity of what would have made them work smacks one in the face. It's a "disease" if you will. The feminine has for so long been placed beneath the masculine. Men still and for the most part, see women as being weak and inferior... 
 But, women struck back with "Girl Power" so to speak..  

Now, we have to powerful entities fighting each other for "Dominance" and when they come together, it's a dysfunctional union from the start! This is what we have been taught to be "RIGHT"! And I am sorry to say - it is a conspiracy...LOL!

It is my hope and not just for me but for all, that we reclaim the honor of the bride and her groom! Such is the told and untold story of the Magdalene and her Christ or the similar yet older stories of divine union...

Whether or not there is a "true bloodline" of Christ and Magdalene is not important... What is important, is that we see that bloodline when we gaze upon our own reflection. Not only to recognize it, but to honor it as our physical and spiritual heritage...

Why is there so much fear that seemingly drives the world, or better put, drives humanity into conspiracy? What lessons have we not yet come to understand that come from our past(s) that prey on our present and perhaps future?

 I only ask as an observer as well as a participant in what some may call an altered reality...  The world as we know it has been fueled by the actions of dominance whether it be religiously or ideologically inspired or ideology that is driven by religious misunderstanding or outright manipulation. 

What is a conspiracy anyway? Do we not conspire against ourselves and others on a daily basis? Do we not seek easy answers regardless of cost to self, cost to others, cost to environment? The ultimate conspiracy being to spirit and soul as we overlook our connection to all things let alone to each other?  

It is for this reason that I reach out to you and others like you! Those that are willing to share life lessons as well as spiritual lessons and growth. We as sisters and brothers perpetuate the love of the divine feminine... 

When all is said and done, when things get tough, who do we turn to or revere? Who do we seek answers or guidance from? MOMMA! LOL!     

Whether it be the maiden, mother or crone. Whether it be the mother of a god or saint, whether it be the wife of a "savior"! The "goddess" or feminine has as many names and duties as the "god" or masculine...  To me the conspiracy has always been, at least within western cultures, to separate the god from goddess... To separate brother from brother, sister from sister, to separate humanity from nature and so on! 

Fear lives in separation and conspiracy thrives on fear! Hence the inquisitions of old that seemingly repeat themselves, the extermination of "Unity" and the bastardizations of the voice of every day prophets. 

Why do we seek the Magdalene or the divine feminine? Why do we seek the grail?

I submit that we seek, because the mother is the answer to our fears, she is the unity that we seek, she is the voice of reason against the voices of treason! She is community! She is the conscience of the universe, the womb of all creation. She IS, just as He IS, the I that I AM... Pistis Sophia!  

Reverend Ron Mitchell lives in LaPorte, Indiana 

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