The White Rose & The Hashmalhim 

"The Elixir of Love is the Essence of Purity -it's Source is the White Rose"
                                                         ........Rosaline Temple

The following articles are written by various members of the Sister and  Brotherhood of the White Rose. 

The Order of the White Rose, like white light, and sunlight, is made up of all colors combined, which means all Orders of the Rose.   The White Rose  signifies "purity" and  "the Divine Feminine" .  It is connected to each of the many different Goddesses, including  The Ein Soph (Sophia Shekinah)  Isis, Mary, and Aphrodite,  Venus, the Rainbow Goddess Iris,  White Buffalo Woman, Quan Yin , and Mari Magdalene. We work with the crystalline energy of the grid and the opening of stargates. The symobls of our Order are the White Rose, the Dove, the Swan, the White Buffalso, and the Great White Eagle. 

Hebrew Flaming Letters that form part of the Ancient Jewish Mysticism known as Kabbala, which means "to receive"  and especially The Zohar which is known as The Book of Splendour or Brightness.  The  Order of the White Rose  is connected with the Angelic realm, and particularly the group of Angels or luminous beings known as The Hashmalim.  They can sometimes be seen asMen can also belong to this Order. 

The word Hashmal,  means "Light Manifestation and "to speak silently". A Hashmal is an Angel of the Order of the Hashmalhim and multiple experiencs of Hashmal as a state of consciousness can be called Hashmalhim. They are the Angels that take form as the Language of Light.

 The Hashmalhim  Angels represent the blessings and gifts that we receive through meditation, prayer and invocation, which is God silently answering our prayers.  They can also come to us during "dream time".  They create in us the ability to experience the Divine Light".  These Light energies can assist any stellar, star creation, or star seed" .  

They can affect our "light bodies" by attuning our chakras,  reprogramming them into a new sequence phase. They have the ability to repair and restructure the degenerate processes so that the planets and planetary stars in the system (or chakras) can support a new manifestation of intelligence. 

The word Alhim means "Infinitismal Particles of Spiritual Light"  Alhim particles are used to create a powerful energy signal for healing work, communication, and spiritual gifts with the Masters of Light.  In receiving this light, we experience "enlightenment"  or a state of "gnosticism" a state of knowing.   

Hashmalhim is the word used for truly, higher states of consciousness.  We are connected with all beings, of all dimensions, and in this state we may experience unity with God.  The Hashmalim are protectors of the laws of the universe.  The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the White Rose work together with the Angelic Order of the Hashmalim.  

Rosaline Temple lives in Enderby, British Columbia.   She is dedicated to learning and teaching ancient mystical healing.  For information on courses in Rose Reiki, or to be initiated into the Sisterhood of the Rose  

Please call Rosaline at (250) 838-0018.   

The following is a testimony by Lisa Shoonover@font-face 

 Sisterhood Synchronicity"

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently unrelated but occur together in a meaningful manner."  There were many synchronicities surrounding my decision to be initiated into the Sisterhood.  I first began to reawaken t the Sisterhood a few years ago.  For many years, I was aware of the Sisterhood of the Rose, Goddess sisterhoods , ad women working in accordance with Mary Magdalen.  It came as no surprise to me that I was drawn to the Sisterhood myself because of the work I was doing.  I have always been drawn to goddess energy. I would have dreams and visions, mostly of Isis, and later Kwan Yin, that were prolific and lucid. They would assist me with my healing work with Divine energy, guidance, and information that was pertinent to my clients.

Sometimes, they would appear to appear to me in dreams as energy or in a relaxed, friendly way so that I knew I was being supported on my Path. As my young adult years went by I began to receive what I call “Rose messages.”
Roses would appear to me in abundance…in dreams, in waking life, and in visions.

It seemed to me that every word, song, and poem was about roses. I began to receive energy transmissions from Mother Mary and messages from the Goddesses. It was then that the reawakening of the Divine Feminine Matrix was revealed to me.

Suddenly everywhere I looked there was information about the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene Grid. The Magdalena energy was reemerging. My Light Body and meridians were opening up. I wanted to re-dedicate myself to the mission that was at hand and “officially” becoming initiated into the Sisterhood that had always been a part of me.

Rosaline provided a wonderful experience for me, and several Goddesses were present during the ceremony. My advice is that if you are receiving strong Rose messages, then the Divine is sending you a message. Perhaps you should consider initiation.
Email: to begin the process. 

Below you will find a channeled communication written by Eileen Smith.She has received the information from her  spirit guide Alonya, in which she talks about the White Rose spiritual hierarchy, and The Path of the White Rose.  

Here is Alonya's reply to Eileen's question about The Path of the White Rose:

The Order of The White Rose is an actual spiritual hierarchy. I (Alonya) am connected to, and work with this set of High Masters. Some of you are called upon by this Spiritual Hierarchy to do important work within this world, and will be given the White Rose as a symbol of this call in dreams, visions, meditations or continuously see it in your waking life.

Usually, those who are of angelic, extraterrestrial or interdimensional origin, who have special or unusual abilities (unusual even in regards to those who have psychic abilities) and who have agreed to come to the Earth to assist it and all beings on it, will be "awakened" by this High Order.

This order is linked to The White Brotherhood, but seems to be the feminine aspect of it, or feminine energy, essence and workings of it.  It also involves the Blessed Mother Mary, who's symbol is also the White Rose, and her essence is directly involved with this group.The White Rose is the symbol used for Highest Grace, Truth, Honor, Purity of Heart, and of Spirit's healing power and love made manifest on Earth through us, all of us. 

When the White Rose appears in your life in such a way, it is a message that very, very high spiritual work will be done with you and through you, and that you have been touched and blessed by the very highest of beings that work within our Universe.The White Rose is the "Calling Card" of the Ascended Masters.

The Path of the White Rose is when one is walking this particular path with this Ascended Soul Group. The type of work we do is hard to describe in limited earthly language, but to simplify it, it combines with the wisdom, the love and healing of the Mother Earth, the Nature Realm and its energies, elements and nature beings; Interdemensional and Extraterrestrial beings of Light; combined with the God the Creator, Mother Mary, and the true essence of spirituality: love and compassion. 

Eileen Smith <>Eileen is a gifted Spiritual Healer, and she can be contacted at:walk it.The promise to us that it is our birthright to be one with that rose, to smell it, touch it , feel it, teach it, be it,

The following article is written by Theodore Bromley, author of "The White Rose" 


The year was 1987.  It was a warm spring evening.  I was in Calgary at a nightclub with a girlfriend.  I was doing what I was supposed to do.  My guide told me to go out and play.  Do not meditate or do any activity that could open me up to psychic attack.  I complied because I was aware that someone or something was trying to bore into the top of my head and because I was bothered by depression.  Depression was not something I was used to experiencing.  I did not like it.

At the same time, in Edmonton a small group of concerned friends had gathered on my behalf.  They planned to help me remove this attacking enemy.  Later they told me what happened.Previously 6 friends and I made up the core of a spiritual study group.  A few others participated from time to time.  We had been chosen by spirit to ready ourselves for the upcoming earth changes.  We enthusiastically chose to experience all that we could.  We wished to do our part.The group was started by my sister Margie.  Unbeknownst to me she had honed a skill that she has had from childhood, the ability to channel information from the other side.  

At her invitation we sat around her kitchen table while she channelled for us.  At first our sessions were playful and we had a lot of fun.  Gradually as we became ready the information became more profound.  Eventually we were asked to undergo various initiations and to participate in guided meditations.  We always complied.  Once we physically travelled to Drumheller, Alberta.  We needed to be at a specific location there at a specific time.  

Sometimes the Edmonton group travelled to Calgary.  Most often the Calgary group went to Edmonton.  Eventually I moved to Edmonton where I lived before I moved to BC.  During those exciting times we were told we were learning to become teachers of teachers.  

I don’t remember whether I called Margie or she me but soon I was in Edmonton undergoing “treatment”.  This beach bum had decided that he would try to take over my body.  My therapy was to go out to her backyard and meditate on the Lord’s Prayer for half an hour while she and others did their work from the house.  I was relieved when my distress stopped.  The beach bum could not stand the intensity of the light created by the recitation of and focus on the Lord’s Prayer.  He left me alone. Some days later I became very distressed.  It seemed that I was using all of my energy to ward off depression.  I knew that my spirit was strong and I knew I could shake this off but it was so constant and tiring to do so.  One evening, in the early days of our gatherings, as we were wrapping up a session Margie said to me “Do you smell coffee?” “No” I said.  “Well” she said “there is a man here who looks like a beach bum.  He seems attracted to your aura.  He smells of coffee.”  “Interesting” I thought.  I gave it no further thought.

A few days later when I was administering a Reiki treatment the beach bum returned with a vengeance.  I telephoned my sister.  She told me that her friends (she always calls her spirit guides her friends) told her that this guy was determined to possess my body.  He had stayed nearby me looking for an opportunity to pounce.  When I opened up myself to Reiki pounce he did.  I was engaged in a most ferocious battle.  This bothered me immensely.  I had to deal with what I judged to be a gross violation of my person, and I had to reconcile this with my newly formed understanding that I did not believe in battle anymore.

Things happened quickly.  Margie gathered the Edmonton people.  I was told adamantly not to come.  In fact as I told you in the beginning I was in a nightclub trying not to think of anything spiritual to keep myself closed off, while they went to work.Later they told me what happened.  They formed a Star of David grid.  Six beings sat around Margie’s table.  They had spirit beings sit in the places where there was not enough people to sit.  Remember Alice and I were not there.At first they tried to grapple with the beach bum.  Soon they realized that that was not going to work.  Even if they succeeded in getting rid of him like the first time he could be back or else he could attach to someone else.  Eventually they found out his name to be Peter Wickman.  With that information they found his mother on the other side.  His mother enticed him with her love to join her in the Light.  Of course when that was accomplished my problem with Peter Wickman was solved forever.

A most meaningful event for me occurred just after Peter Wickman joined the Light.  St Joseph, the father of Jesus, came down from above into the center of the table holding a beautiful bouquet of white roses.  From this bouquet he chose the most beautiful flower of them all with the longest stem to give to me.  It was St Joseph who orchestrated the procedure to help Peter Wickman into the Light. There is an epilogue to this story too that has made an enormous impact on me as well.  Margie did some research and discovered that Peter Wickman was a pseudonym for Dr. Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death.  He was given that macabre title because he used to meet the trains at the Nazi concentration camp, Auswich, and decide which of the Jews were going to be killed right away and which were going to be used as labourers.  He also conducted bizarre and torturous “medical” experiments on Jews and Gypsies in the concentration camp.  In most peoples’ view he was the embodiment of evil.As an earthbound spirit he seemed just as ruthless and dangerous as he was when he lived in our third dimension.  When he accepted the Light he immediately became benign and non-threatening.  

I have never again been under such a psychic attack.  Also I have gained a respect and compassion for mental patients. At least as awesome as Peter Wickman’s acceptance of the Light was the Light’s unconditional acceptance of him.  He apparently died of natural causes somewhere in Brazil.  Hence the coffee.  Had those who sought to find him while he was alive succeeded I have no doubt they would have arrested him, tried him, convicted him and executed him.  The Light accepted him with love, without question because he asked it to.  This event shook me to the core.  

Not only did I have a vested interest in the perfect result (I had no idea how perfect the result would be) but I was forced to realize that my views on reality needed serious revision.  If I was ever to achieve what some call spiritual realization I had to immediately remove my expectations of what that might be.I needed to fully accept St Joseph’s gift.  By doing so I was able to see Mengele’s transformation as my own.  

The gift of the White Rose helped me to comprehend the true gift.  This beautiful flower showed to me true purity, simplicity and love.  It showed me that love heals even the most abhorrent evil.  I was motivated at the deepest levels of my being, and not all of it consciously, to write about it.  I wanted others to see what I had glimpsed:  that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.  It is real and it resides in abundance within all of us.It became my mission to honour this awareness with a book.  I have written it.  It is called The White Rose - the day the world looked up.   One day Rosaline read it and subsequently contacted me.  She has shared her experience on this, her website.  She asked me to submit an article about how I came to write The White Rose.  The previous paragraphs are the short version of how this came about.  

May the blessings of the White Rose shower upon you.All my love,Theodore BromleyTheodore Bromley, also known as the "Crystal Man"  lives in Enderby, BC, which is located in the beautiful Okanagan.  Please visit his website if you wish to order his book "The White Rose" or crystals.  The crystals offered by Theodore are from all over the world, and are chosen for their high quality.         

Sisterhood of the Rose & Friends